Where Midtown Hangs
1725 I St. Sacramento CA
(916) 469-9574
 Mon - Thurs: 11:30am - 12am
Fri: 11:30am - 2am
Sat: 9am - 2am
Sun: 9am - 12am
Happy Hour 7 days a week:  3pm - 6pm
 Brunch: Sat - Sun: 9am - 2pm

About Us

About Easy on i

Easy on i is born on 7 Feb 2014 after two months of construction. Sacramento natives Carol and Mark build the bar, order the chairs and tables, and get the menu together (with a lot of help from friends). They tell family, everyone else they know, and meet with great fellow business owners in the area. After hanging the sign, they stand there in a mutual embrace, reflecting. They’re finally home – together.

That was 2014. This is 2016, now. Easy’s had time to attract the right kind of folks and become that Midtown hangout.

So what’s Easy like? An extension of our living rooms. Everyone knows everyone here, and if you’re new, you’ll feel like you’re a regular. At Easy, you can have a pint and wait for that thing to blow over. Or you can enjoy awesome food, from the light Chicken Caesar Wrap on a warm afternoon to the hearty Pulled Pork Sandwich and a solid stout on a cold day.

So how about some lunch with associates? Or dinner with your friends? Or how about walking out of your bedroom and suddenly finding all your friends together in one place, winding down at the end of the week together? There’s always a time and a place for that. The time’s on you. The place is Easy.
See you at Easy!
- Carol & Mark
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